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Aikido of Phoenix will once again be offering the Makoto test that the kancho and founder of Aikido of Phoenix, Fred Mastison Sensei, created to help advanced students achieve a deeper understanding of Aikido. The Makoto test was designed to help serious students establish a strong, well rounded background in the event that they intend to someday teach Aikido to others. The term Makoto means “truth, sincerity” and it directly refers to the highest level of a positive spirit. It is designed to test a student’s technical and physical abilities, Aikido knowledge, determination, and effort over the period of five days. The Makoto test is extremely difficult and requires the candidate to demonstrate the upmost focus in their training. If a student passes the Makoto test they are awarded the Makoto certificate as a sign of their achievement and may choose to have the kanji Makoto Budoka embroidered on their gi. This will be one of the most difficult tests you will ever face, but it also allows you to grow in ways that only happen during this type of extreme situation.

The Makoto test will be offered to any student with the rank of Yonkyu and above and is completely voluntary. To apply for the test you must see the Chief Instructor for an application and do 35 pushups and 35 crunches. Once your application is reviewed you will either be accepted or directed to wait for another test date. If accepted there is a test fee to pay and then you will proceed with the testing procedure which includes: physical testing, philosophy, history and structure, ukemi, and instructing. The sections will be presented one at a time over the period of one week and failure to pass any one section will end the testing.

The Makoto test will be offered the week of August 13, 2012 to any qualified students interested in examining their limits and growing beyond those limits. Teresa Mastison Sensei will be conducting the test so traveling to our other dojo locations will be necessary. Once an application is accepted Sensei and the candidate(s) will discuss scheduling.

To test or not to test is truly a personal decision. No one but yourself knows if or when you may be ready to test and there are no expectations. It is not required to do anything. But, for those who want the challenge it is here for you.

Good luck in your training!

Teresa Mastison Sensei

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