Chandler: Youth Ages 9 to 13

Aikido is a defensive martial art, focusing on the devlopment of personal confidence, focus and self-control as well as techniques of self-defense. This class is designed to be an on-going study of Aikido, its techniques and principels. Aikido allows everyone to enjoy success, because it does not rely on size, strength or speed. Rather, it teaches you how to move from your center and re-direct an attacker’s energy. Students begin with the fundamental motions, basic techniques, and gradually move toward advanced levels. Students who train on an on-going basis will be evaluated on their personal progress, qualified students will be invied to test for rank. Students will also learn, the basic personal safety skills that will help them know what to do and to say in various situations. This class is taught in a fun, non-threatening way, where students will learn important life skills. The instructor, Teresa Mastison, is a fifth degree balck belt, mother and a former elementary school teacher. All registration must be done via mail or in person.


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Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00- 7:00pm

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