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Aikido is a defensive martial art based on smooth, powerful blending motions as its core and does not rely on power and size. This allows, people of all sizes and abilities to enjoy success. This class will begin with the fundamental motions and philosophies of Aikido, beginning with basic techniques and gradually moving towards more advanced levels. With immobilizing joint locks and powerful throws, Aikido has been said to be one of the most advanced forms of martial arts. Students who train on an on-going basis, will be evaluated on their personal goals and progress. In addition, qualified students will be invited to test for rank. Teresa Mastison Sensei is a 5th degree black belt and Chief Instructor for Aikido of Phoenix.  She is a mother, former elementary teacher and has over 20 years of Aikido experience.To register with the city simply CLICK HERE and log into the “WebTrac”


Total $51 (resident) / $53 (non-resident)
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Monday and Friday 7:15 – 8:45pm

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