Mesa: Kids Ages 5 to 8

Aikido is a defensive martial art that teaches children how to effectively move out of the way and re-direct an attacker’s energy. In this way, anyone, regardless of size, can be successful at defending themselves. This class is designed to be an on-going study of Aikido, its techniques and principles. We’ll also practice basic safety issues to help students know what to say and do in various situations. Students who train on an on-going basis will be evaluated on their personal progress, and qualified students will be invited to test for rank. Students will learn important life skills and develop personal confidence, focus and self-control in a fun and non-threatening way. The instructor, Teresa Mastison, is a fifth degree balck belt, mother and a former elementary school teacher.To register with the city simply CLICK HERE and log into the “WebTrac”


Total $47 (resident) / $49 (non-resident)
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Monday and Friday 5:00 – 5:45pm

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